Success Stories

Twitter Segmentation

If you’re a direct-selling cosmetics company, you understand, at first blush, the importance of social networking. It’s a top priority to use social media for engaging both your customers and your sales reps. 

This particular beauty company wanted to understand how their reps and customers use social media. They wanted to communicate more effectively with them, and Twitter is the best site for analyzing this.
Twitter is one of the largest and most popular social media sites in the world, and the beauty company had already built a strong following. They engaged over 50,000 followers with contests, special offers, and beauty tips.
But they wanted to do more. They felt they could enhance the effectiveness of their Twitter feeds through a better understanding of their followers. They wanted to know more about their lifestyles. Their interests.  Who else they were following.
They came to MSA for answers.

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Cable Viewer Segmentation

What can television-viewing behaviors tell us about the audience?

A mass media and entertainment company wanted deeper insights into its core audiences and prospects by studying which programs they watch.  They wanted an audience segmentation study that would deliver data about consumers’ attitudes, behaviors, and purchases, with the goal of improving programming, marketing and reconciliation processes.
For help, they turned to a company that’s been tuned into television and consumer packaged goods research since 1968 – MSA.

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Digital ROI

For NASCAR® drivers and teams, sponsorship is everything. It’s tough to miss the patchwork of logos covering nearly every inch of a car during a race.

And for sponsors, a NASCAR event represents a perfect opportunity to get themselves in front of a national audience. That kind of splash is exactly what sponsors hope to achieve when they sign on with Roush Fenway Racing® to get their logos on the hood of Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.’s No. 6 Ford® in the NASCAR Nationwide racing series.

Sponsoring a car driven by a driver who, at the time, was one of NASCAR’s rising stars is a smart tool to build your brand and strengthen relationships with your customers. But how do you know if it’s working? And is it generating some hoped-for “buzz” on social media?

In other words, are you getting something out of this or is everyone just spinning their wheels?

To get answers to these questions on behalf of its client, Roush Fenway turned to their analytical pit crew at MSA.

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