MSA Engages Stan Staron

PITTSBURGH, PA – June 14, 2012 – Management Science Associates, Inc.’s (MSA) Metals and Advanced Manufacturing Division has announced that industry veteran Stan Staron has agreed to provide consulting services to MSA’s Blending Optimization Software Suite™ (BOSS) clients. Mr. Staron will assist MSA’s BOSS clients in configuring and setting up the system and effectively utilizing the least-cost charge makeup, alloy additions, purchase planning and other features of the system. 
 “With 35 years of proven leadership in steel-industry practices, Mr. Staron brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in melting, refining, charge makeup, raw material management, process improvement and cost-cutting strategies to MSA’s BOSS clientele,” stated Patrick J. Gallagher, MSA’s Metals and Advanced Manufacturing Division Vice President. Gallagher further noted, “Mr. Staron will assist our clients in more efficiently using our BOSS product from a practical operational perspective. Some clients have expressed challenges in freeing up personnel time to effectively set up and run BOSS models. With Mr. Staron’s expertise, MSA can now offer this execution service to those clients, developing the charges for their team to use. One of the advantages of having a secure Internet service is the ability to share the system between users who are physically located far apart.” 
Mr. Staron has held the positions of General Manager of Melting, Melting Manager, Melt Training Manager, General Foreman of Operations & Materials, AOD Process Control Foreman and Lab Supervisor, among others, during his tenure at stainless and specialty metals production facilities in the United States. Throughout his career, Mr. Staron has used a number of blending optimization programs that saved millions of dollars in raw material costs for his companies. Staron stated, “I am excited to work with MSA in support of their BOSS product and to explore how we can bring value to their customers. There is great potential for organizations to save money in raw material costs by using a tool like MSA’s BOSS. Powerful, flexible blending programs like the BOSS allow you to build charges using marginal materials where real cost-saving opportunities exist.” 
Available in client-server and Internet-based application service provider (ASP) versions, MSA’s BOSS determines the least-cost combination of raw materials required to produce a given heat, lineup or production schedule, taking into account all of the various chemical, operating and quality constraints. The software suite also includes an alloy-addition calculation and a purchase-planning feature.
The BOSS ASP version permits multiple users within a company, including meltshop, corporate and purchasing personnel, to run the optimization software via an Internet browser using secure user names and passwords for controlled access. MSA provides support to clients to help them upload their data (grades, materials, inventory, costs, etc.) into the system using Secure Socket Layer to protect all client transmissions.
Gallagher further remarks, “To remain competitive in today’s global business environment, metals companies must use raw materials (scrap and alloys) in the most cost-effective manner possible. Our goal is to use Stan’s expertise to help our clients reduce their costs by making more efficient use of raw materials in their melting operations.”
Based in Pittsburgh PA, MSA’s Metals and Advanced Manufacturing Division specializes in providing complete turnkey computer systems, process control and modeling services, system design and facility-wide management systems to a variety of process and manufacturing industries. In addition to automating steel works, the group also provides information management – business intelligence-based systems, including the Raw Material Data Aggregation Service™ (RMDAS), a price and volume discovery system for ferrous scrap, and the technology and hosting of the AIST Process Benchmarker (APB) service, an operational parameter benchmarking service sponsored by the Association for Iron & Steel Technology. The Metals and Advanced Manufacturing Division has provided its services since 1982.
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