Support Services

When you’re running a business, the main thing on your mind should be your customers, products, and services – not troubleshooting server problems or dealing with loose wires. ITSS support comes to the rescue with a number of options.

Remote Hands Services

IT problems? No problem at all, thanks to the colocation technicians at our data centers. You don’t have to get out of your seat. Just give us a call. We can help with services such as:
  • Visual verification in remote troubleshooting efforts
  • Racking and stacking new equipment
  • Swapping removable media tapes (tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc.)
  • Wiring services such as moving, securing, or terminating cables
  • Labeling equipment or taking digital photos

Smart Hands Services

Get full IT support when and where you need it. Count on our Operations Team to:
  • Receive delivered client equipment and spare parts sent from various vendors and provide notification of delivered parts
  • Sign in/sign out approved client visitors
  • Maintain the opening and closing of client racks based on list of approved visitors
  • Maintain key-lock control of all client racks and client support cabinets within the MSA data centers
  • Connect a crash cart and act as the eyes of the client when requested to do high-level, basic troubleshooting
  • Power cycle a device
  • Perform tape rotations based on a pre-defined set schedule
  • Perform tape requests outside normal schedule
  • Disconnect/connect a cable
  • Inspect indicator lights
  • Report amber lights/alerts
  • Reseat hard drives that are externally accessible
  • Reseat Ethernet or fiber cables
  • Reseat power plugs
  • Reseat SCSI cables
  • Reseat externally accessible blades within blade chassis
  • Physically load CD/DVD when directed
  • Plug in accessories (flash drives) when requested
  • Trace single cables
  • Deal with issues/problem handling/escalation
  • Escalation of issues to appropriate MSA support groups
  • Provide status updates from support personnel concerning issues
  • Provide notification when issues have been resolved and/or ended, and when advised by the support personnel

Depot Services 

Equipment sometimes breaks. It’s the nature of technology, but no worries. Just drop it off at our Depot. It’s available to all our clients who’d rather bring their systems, PCs, printers, terminals, and more into the shop. Available during normal business hours, or by blocks of hours according to your needs, our Depot service is staffed by certified engineers and is perfect for
  • Hardware repair
  • Desktop support
  • IMAC (Installations, Moves, Adds, Changes) for system installation, network upgrades, configuration, and project roll-outs
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