Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Whatever disaster comes your way, you want to keep your organization up and running.

That means you need to protect your data. And that starts by understanding the risks of information security -- and planning for them. Your data can be compromised for all sorts of reasons, from Internet/extranet issues to compliance failures to inadequate processes and even employee misconduct or corporate espionage.

The good news is this: You can anticipate and mitigate your risks with proper planning, the right resources, and the help of our experts in ITSS.

Protect your data, and your business, with our state-of-the-art data centers.

Complete Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions should offer so much more than backup and recovery. That’s why our three, fully equipped data centers provide everything from offsite backup to full failover replication of your primary facility.

We have DR workstations to keep your employees on the job. Redundant networks and power systems. And environmental monitoring and controls.

Our highest priority is making certain your mission-critical infrastructure and data are never compromised. And we do everything we can to help you continue business as usual.

Protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your data. Reduce your vulnerabilities. Improve your security. And minimize business disruptions with our proven programs, state-of-the-art data centers, and round-the-clock help.

When disaster strikes, MSA’s alternate work environments help companies quickly resume normal business operations.

Management Science Associates, Inc. (MSA)’s Work Area Recovery Services address the need for a secure and functioning alternate work environment where key personnel can work in the aftermath of an emergency that renders their normal work space inaccessible or unusable. MSA provides work space and work seats at three data center locations in the Pittsburgh area. Work space is configured to meet the needs of each client and includes, at a minimum, table/desk and chair for each employee, access to shared conference rooms and technical support services. More amenities, such as phone and network connections, are also available.

To assist companies in their planning efforts and to ensure a successful recovery, MSA has prepared a checklist of Work Area Recovery pre-planning considerations. Download your free copy by going to the link below.


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