Cable Viewer Segmentation

Cable Viewer Segmentation

The Challenge

What can television-viewing behaviors tell us about the audience? A mass media and entertainment company wanted deeper insights into its core audiences and prospects by studying which programs they watch.  They wanted an audience segmentation study that would deliver data about consumers’ attitudes, behaviors, and purchases, with the goal of improving programming, marketing, and reconciliation processes.
For help, they turned to a company that’s been tuned into television and consumer packaged goods research since 1968 – MSA.

The Solution

The Business Analysis division at MSA developed an extensive study of the American public based on their television program choices. We analyzed millions of viewing choices to uncover basic preference patterns, then captured meaningful and stable insights into consumers’ identities that are revealed when they select televisions programs.
When choosing a program, people provide clues to their interests, life stage, household composition, socio-economic status, and even their hopes and dreams. The solution offers a deeper understanding of core audiences and prospects, as well as where and how to reach them. Using the Nielsen database, MSA studied over 111,000 viewers over the course of a year, reflecting all national viewing choices and integrating with MRI’s measures of consumer behaviors and attitudes.
Built on actual behavior rather than claimed behavior, the segmentation offers real world insights and reduces inaccuracies due to recall, bias, and subjectivity.
Our solution uncovered 20 groups, spread across traditional age and gender categories. Each group revealed viewing habits, as well as demographics, attitudes, lifestyles and purchasing predilections.

The Results

MSA’s study has become a programming and marketing tool for this mass media client. They now have a deep understanding of what kind of people are watching their shows, as well as their interests and habits – from what cars they drive to how much they put on credit cards to how often they eat out. Unlike typical media metrics, this segmentation gives our client a consumer purchase measurement tool that describes the relationship between what networks and programs a person regularly selects and the items and services they seek. Our client now has the information they need to enhance programming, analyze their portfolio, and perform post-buy reconciliation – using a single source of data.
For more information please contact Joe Reddy (, Vice President.