Social and Digital Media Analytics

Social and Media Digital Analytics

You’re on Facebook® and Twitter®. You’ve done Instagram® and Vine®. Not to mention LinkedIn® and Pinterest®. You’re engaging your audience. Or at least you think you are. Turn to BA’s social and digital media analytics to provide you with the insights you need in order to know if your social media strategy is making an impact.

MSA offers advanced analytics for social and digital media, including:
  • Digital Pathway Analysis
  • Digital and Social ROI Evaluation
  • Twitter Follower Segmentation
Digital Pathway Analysis
The increasingly dizzying array of media assets has created a highly complex marketing environment. You need to know how your investments in TV are impacting your social media efforts and vice versa. MSA’s Digital Pathways Analysis can help you answer the following types of questions:
  • What are the best ways to drive customers to my page to help me build a fan base?
  • Where should I focus digital support to get the most from my upcoming TV campaign?
  • How do my social media assets interact with and amplify each other?
  • Which paid media have been effective in bringing customers to my website?

Digital and Social ROI Evaluation
What holds more value in your overall media strategy: a Facebook “like”? A Twitter “impression”? A TV GRP? BA’s Digital and Social ROI Evaluation is designed to answer exactly these types of questions.  We use a two-stage approach, starting with a Digital Pathways Analysis, to evaluate cross-platform impacts. That’s followed by the development of models to assess and quantify the direct impact of your various marketing levers. The benefits of our approach include:
  • Flexible outcome measures to evaluate sales, website visits, etc.
  • In-depth understanding of how digital and social media impact each other and ultimately impact the bottom line
  • Giving the proper credit to paid media-such as TV-for driving sales via search traffic and social discussion
  • Quantifying the value of a new Facebook like or Twitter follower
  • Apples-to-apples comparison of the effectiveness of digital and traditional media
  • Understanding the impact of going viral, as well as the impact of normal (non-viral) social discussion

Twitter Follower Segmentation
Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world, with hundreds of millions of users, including those following you and your competitors. These users publicly express their interests in a wide array of topics through what they follow, what they tweet and retweet, and their other actions on this social platform.  MSA is able to access this wealth of information to segment your followers into groups based on similarities in their key interests. This approach has been tested across an array of industries, from publishing to the arts to consumer packaged goods (CPG) and has provided insights into social media strategy for many of our clients. 
  • We found a segment of “local activity-seekers” for a sports franchise that can allow the organization to identify promotional partners among local non-sports groups.
  • We uncovered a “foodie” segment for an online publisher that can help them broaden the focus of their content.
  • We delineated several core musical interest segments for a major national arts organization. 
The key benefits of a Twitter Segmentation include:
  • Identifying potential advertising and promotion vehicles that hit the mark with precision to increase your social media ROI
  • Knowing more about consumers and audiences based on following and/or followers in a non-invasive way
  • Helping craft relevant, interest-related tweet content
  • Helping place promoted tweets in targeted, interest-driven locations
  • Identifying potential social media partnerships
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